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    Decorating with Neutrals

    Decorating with neutrals is a personal favorite of mine. When it come to neutrals the key is to think texture. Choose furniture pieces and textiles with tons of visible pattern and texture. Here I layered creams and grays all with different textures and patterns to create design interest with out color for my couch.

    Distressed white and cream pieces of furniture also add texture while still being neutral.
    Wood tones are a great way to add contrast to a neutral space.

    It brings in an earthy grounded element that would other wise be missing with out color. *pro tip keep wood finishes to three different colors or less (this includes floor color). Adding corbels, wood frames or side tables in various wood tones makes for a cozy inviting space that you and your family want to curl up in.

    When it comes to whites, do not be afraid to layer all of the shades together. Bright white walls with cream linen couches and warm white furniture pieces. Gone are the days of not being able to mix whites and creams!

    Don’t forget blacks and greens. YES green is a neutral and can be incorporated easily with plants and botanicals. Greenery is a small way to add a big impact.

    Lastly, warm up your neutral space even more with woven texture. Think baskets, benches or rugs with this beautiful visual element. Like wood tones, woven texture helps to warm up a space and keep it grounded.

    If you have kids and are afraid of neutrals, I understand that, but don’t be! Choose slipcovers that easily come off and can be washed. Also make scotch guard your best friend! Ha

    Neutrals make for a peaceful and inviting color pallet to be use as the back drop of our busy messy                   lives!

    Favorite neutrals
    Behr- ultra pure white (walls)
    Behr- night blooming jasmine (furniture)
    Behr- flannel gray (my doors)
    Behr- silver birch (walls with out shiplap)
    Behr-black suede

    Favorite stains
    Minwax stain- weathered oak (open shelves)
    Minwax stain- special walnut (corbels

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    My top Keto friendly foods and why I chose low carb

    Never have I ever talked about my diet, or what I eat on here, but I recently found something that I love and so I want to share! I mean we talk about ALL THE THINGS here right???
    At the beginning of December my husband and I decided we needed to try something together to help us not gain any weight during Christmas time. I had been reading the book “better then before” by Gretchen Ruben and was learning a lot about how I form habits and what kind of personality type I am. I highly recommend this book and found it from yet another amazing The Alison Show referral. I learned that unlike most people I am a person who thrives in absolutes rather then moderation. Gretchen was the same and recommend another book “why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes. Before I even started reading this book a friend in my neighborhood told me about the “Keto” diet or ketosis diet and she made it sound simple enough, that Ty and I decided to try it. Meanwhile I am starting to read this why we get fat book and am learning all about how (to sum it up) carbs are the devil Ha! He uses words like “hormones” and “diabetes” and “cancer” that trigger me to keep listening and read more.
    As you may very well know at this point, I struggled with infertility between my first and second kids for five years. We are trying for our fourth baby now and the scares the crap out of me for more then one reason. One, I have no idea why I was infertile in the first place and two FOUR KIDS IS SO MANY! So when the book taught me that the foods we eat, ie sugar and carbs, can have negative effects on our hormones I knew as a questioner, that I was going to try it!
    I am not going to lie, I ate a cookie from the soda shop everyday for a year, so I was scared and sad to let that go! The adjustment has been way easier then I thought and that is impart to finding “hacks” to get a sweet treat and a carb like meal into my daily routine. I have noticed my skin is better and my energy is high and sustained! As for my fertility, you will just have to follow along and see!
    Pinterest is not just good for home decor it is the mecca for recipes and all the life things!! So I am sharing on here links to some of my most favorite Keto friendly and low carb meals I have been making on a daily basis. When I am out to dinner, I just stick to meat and cheese and salads! Fajitas minus all the rice and bean are a go to for me at lots of my fave restaurants. I swear if I can do this, you really can to! That being said, diet is SO PERSONAL so do not think because something works for me, it has to work for you. I will test it out a little while longer and let you know how it goes! Even if you aren’t low carb these recipes are worth giving a try and let me know what you think!
    Love you friends. cheese chips

    cheesecake bites

     loaded cauliflower

     easy low carb meal

    monterey chicken

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    Shiplap inspiration and how to help define your style with Pinterest

    Today is basically my favorite day of the week (lets just pretend it is SATURDAY ok??)!!! I started a fun hashtag based off of my deep LOVE of all things shiplap! #FKShiplapSaturday if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out on Instagram! I thought I would do a round up post with some of my most shiplap inspiring Pinterest photos! I find so much inspiration on Pinterest! If you are having a hard time defining your own style, I highly suggest creating a board called “my style” and keep it to only inspirational pics that you could REALLY imagine living in (linked mine HERE). As you do this you will be able to reference back to it when you are at target wanting to buy (insert thing you HAVE TO HAVE) and make sure you are staying true to the style you pinned and really love. Boho is beautiful but if your board is full of farmhouse you might want to put it back and head to the Hearth and Hand section instead! Ha Please PLEASE follow along with this hashtag every week and tag me in your fave shiplap photos. We have a super easy shiplap tutorial HERE if you missed it! Love you friends and happy Shiplap (everyday) Saturday!!! Follow me on Pinterest HERE
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    Big girl room reveal

    This may very well be my favorite present I have ever given anyone. I wrote all about my favorite gift ever HERE.
    I knew I wanted this space to transition from 8 to 18 if it needed to. So no themes, which I am not a big fan of anyway, and good mature colors. I knew I wanted a shiplap or wood detail 3/4 of the way up but wasn’t sold on my exact plan. That’s where Ty came in with this idea to router his own shiplap look into 1/4” mdf and then frame it out with a thick wainscoting. I made him add the shelf around the top so I could easily lean as many Finders Keepers Floral prints as I wanted! Ha

    We had that beautiful vintage bed and I decided that is where I would add one of Peight’s favorite colors, it is a spray paint I found at Home Depot called, MINT.

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    Sneak peek of Peight’s Christmas room

                One Christmas when I was about 14, my mom decided to re-do my room as my Christmas present. Being the interior design freak that I am I was giddy with excitement! She locked my out for a few weeks and asked me a few pointed questions about what I wanted.
    On Christmas morning I was the first person to get to “open” a present and my mom swung open the door of my new room as I squealed with joy! There was vintage chenille bedspread and a slew of beautiful pillows on the bed. She had added a second box spring so my bed was extra tall, like a princess and a super fluffy duvet just begging to be snuggled in. Then on the walls was a purple, my fave color at the time, wall paper around the top few feet of the room. Then there was a chair rail and the majority of the wall was big floral wallpaper that I was obsessed with. Across the purple top half my mom had taken fringe and swagged it across the solid purple wallpaper. That was my favorite part! Ugh I still remember laying in bed each night looking at it and feeling so lucky! I had a desk in the corner with a beautiful lamp and chair that I did all my homework at. This was by far my most memorable gift I ever received as a child.

    Knowing that I am raising a like minded 8 year old I figured this was the perfect year to give her a room make over! She loves decor and has LOTS OF OPINIONS about her room! Ha some are good and some are interesting;). I want to make this space all that she wants it be, while still being the practical, sophisticated space it needs to be for her growing and maturing self.

    I have purchased some pieces already and I reused lots of things we already had. Painting furniture can make such a big difference in updating a space. Plus having Ty in my life to add the wood working of my dreams doesn’t hurt. I am going to show you some of the decor inspo and save the woodworking and final details for a big reveal post after Xmas. You can follow me on pinterest HERE to see my inspiration for this room! Can’t wait to show you the big REVEAL SOON!!!!


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    Simple and easy open shelves

    I get a lot of questions about these floating shelves in my kitchen and I am happy to say that they are SO EASY TO MAKE! Once you measure the width e you want to fill, you an head town to the Home Depot and grab a piece of Douglas fir either 12”, 10” or 8” wide and 2” thick. Then have the wood department cut it down to the size you previously measured at your home. Mine are 10” deep, 2” thick and 28” wide.

    You can grab and shelf or closet hardware that you like but I used THESE for mine because they were cheap and easy to install. Make sure to grab drywall screws that can support up to 50lbs and get out of there! Ha

    Before you mount the brackets stain the wood any color your heart and home desire. I used a coat of weathered oak and polyurethane on mine. Then inside your home decide visually where you want your brackets to be placed and drill the drywall screws into the wall accordingly. Once both brackets are in and level you can attach the precut and stained piece of wood from Home Depot. It is that EASY!

    This is one of the very first projects I did after we moved in and finished renovating and it made it finally feel like home to me!!!

    Floating shelves is a fun trend to follow because it is easy to install and easy to remove if you change your mind a few years down the road.
    Hope you add some floating shelves to your homes and let me know how they turn out!

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    Gift guide for the home decor enthusiast

    Do you have some one in your life who loves home decor??? Are you afraid to buy for them because you  don’t  know if they will love it? Wow, this sounds like an infomercial but I have assembled a safe list of gifts to buy, that aren’t style specific, and will work in every home. From your mother in law to your out of state best friends, you can’t go wrong with this home decor inspired gift guide!

    1.Glass vases 2.Gallery wall frames 3. target basket 4.pom pom blanket

    5. floral prints  6. wear black, paint white shirts 7. place sets 8. woven rug 9. white fluffy duvet


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    What I wish I would have known before starting our renovation

    Do not get me wrong, I LOVE MY HOUSE, as you know if you follow me on Instagram! However there are some things I definitely with I would have done differently. Time and money were a constant issue when we moved into our home. We were living in the back half of our house with two  babies that were both under two years old at the time, and we had more projects then dolla bills. You can see tons of before and after photos HERE of our home pre-renovation.

    First, let’s talk wall texture. We have this chunky orange peel texture in our home and because we were knocking out a whole room and lifting our kitchen ceilings we had an opportunity to pay a little more to have the whole home re-textured to a beautiful modern smooth texture. Due to being exhausted of this renovation and the fact that we were already living in half of the home (how would we retexture the part we were already living in?) we decided to just match the existing texture and hope for the best. The best meaning that we had plans to shiplap most of the house any ways. Surprisingly it has bothered me more then I thought. Orange peel textured walls make simple things like wall papering, wainscoting and painting fun patterns on the  walls way more difficult. You can’t get straight lines and need to add wood or try making your own smooth texture when putting up any architectural wood detailing. Wallpaper sticks to the texture of your walls, if you have textured walls, then you have textured wall paper. That bothers me! Ha hindsight is 20/20 right?? If you have the money and the time, I highly suggest smoothing out that wall texture to give you a beautiful smoother surface to build on. Since then, we have added more shiplap but kids rooms and bathrooms are still textured and hinder my ability to create some of the spaces I have been imagining.

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