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    10 Amazon Faves

    Amazon is basically the greatest thing ever created…right? I actually used to NEVER online shop. I just liked brick and mortar better and a part of me still does. Que two babies 15 months apart and a new “job” and extra busy hubs and 9 year old and I was like, “who is going to deliver me some 2% milk??”
    I love the convenience of online shopping more then life now. Shoes for my kids? Click click click…be here tomorrow at noon! Bless you amazon prime! You get it. You love it too! So in honor of my newly found love of online shopping I am giving you my top favorite things I have found on Amazon that have basically changed my life!

    •1. These kids shoes are bomb for boys and girls and wash SO EASILY! My sister @lexpacker on insta introduced me to these and I die for them. SHOP HERE.

    •2. You friends are always asking what phone holder I use in my car to make all of my handsfree stories and this one is my favorite HERE.

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    4 best places to print your digital downloads

    First, let me start by saying the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who buys our floral prints!!!!! It seriously means so much to me and Brittney. I have had the pleasure of feeding off of Brittney’s talent for years!
    If you don’t know Britt and I have been “friends” since we were born. I use air quotes because we used to call ourselves forced friends! Ha our parents are literal besties and have been since before we were born. Britt was more interested in shooting hoops with the brother then playing dolls with me and I was more into starring at her cute older brother then talking to her for the first few years of our friendship! Ha Luckily that forced friendship turned into TRUE LOVE in elementary school and junior high. Sh would let me braid her hair and I would not talk to her about how cute her brother was. It was a fair trade and for as long as I can remember Britt was taking pictures of us and all of our friends. Brittney is a total prankster as you will see if you follow her on insta, so most of the early pics were of us girls doing something humiliating that she caught on camera. Fast forward a couple of years and I was able to watch my friend turn her talent into a business. We have stayed best friends for all these years. We were collage roommates, bridesmaids in each others weddings and watched each others babies be born. She is one of the rocks in my life. Ok now I am crying!!!!
    A year or so ago we were working together on a photo shoot for my sister in law Kerri from KBcute designs and talking about how more people should collaborate and then it HIT ME!!! WE SHOULD COLLABORATE BRITT! I love flowers and all things floral so we decided to add a floral section to her new prints business she had been working on! It has been a fun and organic process ever since. Working with someone you admire and find to be incredibly talented is always a great idea.
    Now that we got that out of the way she and I get asked a ton about where the best places to print them is.
    (featured INDIE in 24×36)
    •1. Costco
    I love Costco because it has a great price point and had a quick turn around time. They also have options to print on canvas and make square photos. The only downside is that they don’t print larger then 20”x30” and I love me a 24”x36”.
    (featured WILDFLOWER, AURORA, AMBER ROSE 16×20)
    •2. Walgreens
    What I love about Walgreens is how close it is to my house and I can get it in an hour. Their price point is higher but usually you can always google a coupon code for 30-50% off prints and posters. The other pro is that they make 24”x36” and the quality has always been great for me and my clients.

    •3. Staples
    I have used staples quite often actually and have been pretty happy. I use the engineer prints when I order from them, which is not photo quality. I still feel like it makes for a beautiful print at a much lower price point. Brittney, as the photographer, would never approve of this method! Ha! As a perpetual deal finder I approve! It is cheap and still makes for beautiful wall decor.

    (featured HARPER 20×30)
    •4. Shutterfly
    This is one I know Britt will approve of. They print amazing quality and all of the photographers I know love and use them.
    The other great thing about them is that you can buy your print framed and have it shipped!!! They are more expensive but definitely worth the money.

    I hope this help you all turn your digital downloads into actual prints quickly and easily. I love having a home full of art that inspires my creativity and is beautiful to look at. That is what we hope our prints bring to you and your home. Thanks for being the best friends!

    *ptints are all $15 per print and use code BUYTWOGETONE if you are ordering two or more!

    *use #FINDERSKEEPERSFLORALS and #BRITTNEYGURRPRINTS for a chance to be featured
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    The best red hair formula ever

    OK, you asked and I delivered. Well, Savy delivered a color formula for you on this Julianne Hough inspired red hair transformation! I have wanted to try this for years and finally went for it! I love it and I think I was meant to be a red head!! Throw in some barefoot blonde hair extensions in “Autumn” and I am feelin’ myself! Let me know if you guys try this, I would love to see!!!!

    FORMULA: Goldwell Colorance 7kg with a little kk mixed in.

    Hope this makes all your red head dreams come true!!

    Love you friends!