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    Want, need, wear, read, gift guide for Dads.

    When it comes to shopping for the men in our lives, I prefer to get them somethings I know I will want to steal/borrow;). If you missed my tutorial for my sons Ikea bed hack, you can find it here, but I used this Ryobi nailer and I was obsessed with it! Battery operated and SO EASY TO USE! Trust me, but this for him and then hang all the shiplap by yourself when he is gone! Ha he will seriously love it.
    The beard grooming is something my husband loves and it makes that food catcher around his face smell good and feel as soft as a cloud.
    The jacket was one of the things my husband specifically asked for so it was as simple as that. Don’t you love those kind of presents?
    Last, but not least, EVERYONE should read Chip Gaines boo as fast as they can! If you are and entrepreneur or want to be, this book will inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams.
    I love you guys and hope you can make the husbands in your life very happy this year!

    Ryobi Nailer

    Beard grooming kit

    Carhart Jacket

    Capital Gaines

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    Ikea bunk bed hack

    IT IS FINALLY HERE! Full disclosure, this video is very raw and was originally a live video on Instagram! Ha but I am so happy that you all can try this now too! It is so simple, I promise anyone can do it. I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to tag me in Instagram @finderskeepersdesigns when you try it! Plus check out this Ryobi nailer to help make it even easier.



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    Friendsgiving table scape + best sweet potato pie recipe


    Friendsgiving has quickly become one of my most favorite celebrations of the year! One of my favorite things about having a “home” is having it full of people I love. Getting to spend time in a space I created, to get to know each other better and make memories together.
    This is our third year having this big Thanksgiving style dinner with our closest friends. Seeing as how cooking is not my best talent ;), we divide of all of the thanksgiving food favorites amongst the 6 of us and bring enough to share. I always make (or in this years case, bribe my mother in law to make for me) the best sweet potato casserole you have ever tasted. We fry a turkey and basically eat like kings and queens!
    Making the table scape is my talent and I love having fun with it, and I have created 10 steps to making your very own beautiful table scape that will impress your family and loved ones!
    I will post the recipe at the bottom of this page, along with links to the birch logs and wooden candle sticks.

    Make sure to pin this to Pinterest if you love it, so you can come back to it.
    Happy eating friends!

    1. Consider a Color Scheme
    -you can use classic fall colors
    -keep it neutral and more organic

    2. Use Local Materials
    -trim branches from your front yard, neighbors, or family members
    -make sure to buy you pumpkins early if you want fake ones because they sell out at Michaels early.
    -use things from around your home to personalize your table scape ie: old books or candle holders.

    3. Mix Styles and Patterns
    -mix textures and patterns to keep your table visually interesting

    Such a fun night with some of my very favorite people. Happy Friendsgiving to all of you! If I could have you all in my how around my table to tell you how grateful I am you are here with me, I WOULD! You know I would! Love you ❤️

    4. Try One Stand Out Piece
    -something larger and eye catching in the middle of the table and let it waterfall out from the center.

    5. Less is more…More is more!
    -Sometimes it’s all about the initial wow factor and you can edit and take away things when it is time to actually eat ALL THE FOOD
    -Snap a pic of it first when its perfect and then less is more to actually eat

    6. Throw an Unexpected Twist
    -use something creative and interesting that your guests wouldn’t expect ie: mini pumpkins with names stamped on them for place holders or old books to place silverware on!

    7. OR Stick to a Theme
    -arrange a collection of like items together for maximum impact!
    -there is power in arranging a group of all alike things in a cluster to draw attention and make a visual impact!

    8. Keep it Functional
    -always have premeditated plans on how to interchange some décor for food ie: remove main centerpiece for turkey or fill in gaps with side dishes.

    9. Mix Materials
    -keep it visually interesting by adding an eclectic feel through pattern and texture mixing.

    10. Remember the Room

    -this is my interior designer tip: add pillows to your head chairs or benches.
    -make sure décor on your buffets or walls coordinate with your table scape
    -if your aren’t cooking all the food (I never do that) make sure fall candles are lit
    and holiday music is playing.



    Luan’s Sweet Potato Pie

    2 lbs of Sweet Potatoes (approx 3)

    Baked and peeled

    3 Eggs

    1 C. of milk

    1/8 tsp. nutmeg

    1/2 tsp. cinnamon (use half in recipe and save half for topping)

    1 C. pecans (use half / save half

    1 C. brown sugar (use half / save half)

    2 tbsp. pure cane sugar syrup (steens brand)

    1/4 tsp. salt

    2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp vanilla

    1/2 stick butter (real butter. softened)


    mash potatoes, add eggs, milk. Add 1/2 of the pecans, 1/2 of cinnamon, 1/2 of brown sugar. Add all other ingredients.

    Combine other 1/2 of cinnamon, nuts and brown sugar then sprinkle it on top.

    BAKE preheat 350 degrees for 45 min




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    My Christmas trees

    I got a lot of questions yesterday about my Christmas trees and so I knew I had to share! I LOVE MY CHRISTMAS TREES and you will not believe how cheap they are! Bless Walmart’s heart for putting out pretty things on a small budget. I was just as surprised as you might be at how beautiful these are in real life. The large tree is not pre-lit but I prefer that on inexpensive tree, because their bulbs tend to burn out quickly and it looks weird to wrap new lights around burned out ones! You know what I mean? So go cheap but go un-lit. The little one was only $25 so I went for it pre-lit because it was my only option and I am happy to replace it next year if the lights don’t last at that price! I love the mini ones on the little side table next it too. I found these a long time ago, but linked a similar one also from Walmart to make it easier on you if you want this same look! Throw these bad boys in some vintage baskets or in a box you force your hubs to make and merry rustic Christmas to you! I Amy still be adding ornaments to these after thanksgiving, but for now I am loving the simplicity! Happy decking the halls friends!

    Tall skinny tree

    Little Flocked Tree

    Mini burlap tree

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    Gift ideas for the mamas & our family’s tradition

    In our house we started following a new fun, simple tradition, for Christmas gift giving. I realized that so many of the gifts I was giving my children were getting donated or thrown away just a few short months after the holiday was over. “What a waste of money and time” I found myself thinking and even saying out loud to my husband. I was sick of it, and it was taking the joy out of gift giving for me. I had heard of this tradition where you only buy your kids and spouse four gifts based off of four simple words, WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ. I felt inspired by this and wanted to give it a try. Now in the full disclosure there are times where I get two gifts for “wear” or “read” but applying this tradition has definitely kept me in check. I am able to finish shopping earlier and not be so distracted by all the big shiny things stores are blinding me with, because I already filled my kids “need” on their wish list earlier. See what I mean?? How great is the idea of not over spending or wasting all of dem’ hard earned dollar bills on things we just don’t need. I love this tradition and have loved applying this one! That being said I have decided to do a few round ups with my top pics for mamas, dads, big girls and boys and the little girls and boys in your life!

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    FIRST PRIZE WINNING white chicken chili

    FIRST PRIZE WINNING White chicken chili

    Two cans of chicken with water (10 oz do not drain)
    Two cans of black beans (drain & rinse)
    Two cans white beans (drain & rinse)
    Two cans pinto beans (drain& rinse)
    Two cans light red kidney beans (drain & rinse)
    Two cans dark red kidney beans (drain & rinse)
    One large can of Hernandez green salsa (16 oz)
    Small can of red salsa (8 oz any kind)

    *if it feels too thick add1/2 cup of chicken broth (it should be thick)

    *add all of these ingredients and cook in the crockpot on low for 5 1/2 hrs.

    Add two packs of nufkatel cream cheese
    *optional add one can of corn
    And let melt for the last 30 min.

    Total cook time 6hrs.

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    Black and White house

    I am going to be so bold as to call this THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE DID TO OUR HOUSE! And we had seven foot ceilings in our kitchen at one point so that is saying ALOT.  I found out after we painted our home, that is was affectionately called by passer-byers the McDonald’s house due to its beautiful bright yellow color with red trim! Ha!


    It was truly a terrible yellow and yet it was not a top priority when we moved in, because there was so much to be done.

    You can see some before and after pics of the interior here.

    However, when the time came, or rather the money, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint it. I had seen a stunning black and white home years before when we lived in Southern California and always told my husband, “when we own our own home again this is what I am painting it!” He of course loved it too so the decision was made and we just needed to chose the perfect shades of black and white.

    With Arizona being so hot and sunny I was worried about how quickly the colors would fade or yellow in the sun. Not to mention that the desert is dusty and we have a stucco home so it would get dirty fairly quickly. With all that in mind, I decided I would go with a pure white from behr paint. I have had a favorite black paint from behr that I have used for years that I knew I wanted for the trim, the color is black suede. It has a depth to it that I love and I knew it would be perfect.

    We hired my favorite painter EVER Alejandro and his wife Alejandra (contact info 602-295-5286). They are a family company that I have used on clients homes for years and they and their two sons are meticulous and do such a great job on interiors and exteriors.

    Ty got to making us some new shutters, that were shiplap inspired (tutorial coming soon) and we purchased these knew lights which i linked HERE . I left for the day so that I could be surprised when I came home by the change. HOLY COW, as I came around the corner to my house I could have cried it was so beautiful!!!

    The black and white took my basic stucco 1970’s home to something modern and completely relevant to today.

    This may not be my “dream house” but it is becoming more then I could have ever dreamed of as we continue to put our own personal and custom touches on it. If you have ever thought of painting your home but hesitate, my advice is DO IT! I no longer feel embarrassed when people show up to visit. I feel so proud of where I live and the outside finally matches the inside.

    Love you friends and thank you for reading!