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    Me, Just Me.

    K so it is time to tell you all about my philosophy on life, ready? Jk it is not that serious and I definitely didn’t invent this but life really is all about balance. I believe every mom has three “me’s” inside of her, me the mom, me the wife and me JUST ME. I want to talk about the last one, the ME, you were before you found the husband or had all the babies. The person you were born and the person you have grown into through out your life. Do you remember her? Did you lose her? Is she still even in there?

    As a mom and a wife, we give up lots of things that we used to love to do, for our babies and husbands, but what about US!!?? Someday our babies will grow up and leave and we will be left with more time to ourselves. Or you might find yourself divorced for a number of different reasons and you will be there, JUST YOU. What do we do then? Did we give them too much and now there is nothing left? I really really hope not. I feel like we were raised by a generation of women who never grasped this concept of “taking care of themselves”. So how do we know how to do it if we never saw it? I don’t know about you but I want my daughter to grow up knowing she has value all by herself. She doesn’t need kids or a husband to be a whole and happy person. I want her to take care of her self and love herself! So why wouldn’t I want the same for myself, and isn’t it up to me to show her how to do that? YES, yes it is!

    I honestly believe it is so important to find worth in your self as just yourself. It is important to do the things you love to do just for you.

    I grew up with a mom that moved to America from England all by herself at the age of 19. She left all of her family in England, everyone of them, to come here and visit my dad (who she met when he served a mission in her town). How brave is that? They got married fairly quickly and started having all of us kids. My mom loved being a mom. She was good at it, maybe too good at it. She gave us all she had and I watched her sacrifice her wants until I am not even sure she knew what she wanted anymore. She didn’t have any close girl friends that she took trips with and us kids would call and complain every time she went away with my dad, to the point of her usually coming home early to make us happy. I remember getting to travel back to England with her when I was about 20 and she (bless her heart) was useless at what to do, or where to go. She had depended on my dad for the last 21 years to do all of that “stuff” for her. What happened to that girl that saved every last penny to come here from England alone? Now do not get me wrong, my mom did the absolute best she could with what she knew, but she lost her self. That independent brave young girl was basically gone. I have watched her struggle trying to find her self again over the last 10 years and it has inspired me to be better and to learn from her.

    I don’t want to lose that part of myself. That part that at 21 years old got on a plane all alone and flew to Ecuador, where I spoke no Spanish, and found my way to my driver who took me to my OSSO group in a city miles away. That girl was brave and independent and cool. I want to be her always. So how do I make sure I don’t lose her?

    Here is what I think, I have to let her out!! That side of me loves things, things she has always loved. Like going to the gym, decorating, being with her girl friends and making people laugh. I, just me, love to go on trips and lay on the beach. I, just me, love to stay up late, binging on shows and eating ALL THE SNACKS! So I do those things! I do them often and sometimes only in little ways. I go to the gym almost everyday. I plan trips with my girlfriends yearly and make people laugh everyday on snap chat;) jk jk! Haha. That is what I love about people like The Allison show, she created opportunities for us, through dance parties, to reconnect with ourselves. I promise if you all find even small ways to reconnect with yourself on a regular basis, you will find so much more balance in your lives!!! Is it easy to do? NO. Will you feel guilty at first when your kids cry as you walk out the gym door leaving them at the mercy of babysitters? YES. Is it even worth all that trouble? YES. You guys, we are worth it. We are worth remembering and taking care of. That is the thing about balance, if you don’t take care of all three “me’s” then they will all suffer. Taking care of just you, will make you a more patient and loving mama and it will definitely make you a more fun and happy wife! Try it and let me know how it goes! I believe in this SO MUCH! Call your girl friends and go out! Tell your husband I said so, he will thank me later and so will you! 😉

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    How to layer accessories

    Some of my first jobs out of design school were working at boutiques. I was in charge of keeping the shelves full of the pretties and making sure they were well designed. I learned so much about how to layer accessories and make them look pretty. It was a valuable design lesson and one I still use in my home, and with my clients today! Even if you love a minimal clean look the art of layering is still important.

    025 (1)

    I love accessories, or crap if you want to call it that! This is something that comes sort of organically to me like hanging a gallery wall, which I talk about HERE, if you want to read it. K so books are a great accessory to layer with. They can lay flat or vertical and give the ability to make smaller accessories seem taller. Also GREENERY, whether you find it at homegoods or IKEA, as long as it is green, I approve. It gives that earthy natural feel that any space needs! Last but not least some frames! You can put family pics or botanical prints in them,I ain’t picky, as long as you have them to use in your layering.

    Family Room

    Dining Room

    Like layering family members for a family pictures, always start with the tall stuff in the back and have it progressively get smaller towards the front. I typically like to use the rule of threes. Although this rule can certainly be broken when you have the perfect two things. When in doubt throw some pretty books in a basket with a frame and plant, and you have your self a vignette. Boom.

    Boy Nursery


    Last tip is to make sure to pay attention to the colors you use and have them balance each other through out the space or shelves you are designing. Now go for it! The worst thing that can happen is it looks like crap and you start over. Also as you find new treasures don’t be afraid to tweak your shelves and keep them constantly evolving. Good luck dream boats

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    Moving Tips

    So if you don’t check my Instagram on the regular, you might have missed me talking about us moving soon! We are on the hunt for our next house and we are looking for a fun fixer upper! It has me thinking about packing and how much I LOVE MOVING! We have lived in the rental we are in for almost five years now, but before that we moved 5 times in one year! Yeah, I know we are crazy. I did however learn great tips and tricks for making the whole process easier. I also learned how to prioritize each room as I unpacked all of our pretties.

    First tip for moving actually starts right now, before you even decide to move. DECLUTTER!!! If you haven’t used, worn or played with something in the last six months, then get rid of it. Odds are you don’t need it if it has set there for that long. This will make moving so much easier, when the time comes. If it has been a while since you decluttered then do it before you start packing.

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    Next, keep everything as organized as possible and label ALL THE THINGS! Keep boxes specific to each room they are coming from and going too, with the exception of towels. Towels make great padding between dishes or picture frames. I know this isn’t rocket science and I am not reinventing the wheel or anything but when you get tired of packing, the desire to chuck everything in garbage bags and deal with it later gets pretty intense. Stay focused and stay organized, you won’t regret it when you get to your new place and everything makes sense.

    Dining Room

    Now my tips for making moving an easy transition for your kiddos. Like I mentioned before we moved 5 times in a year with a 3 year old, and I was so worried that she would feel so confused and chaotic. I decided to make it a point to move her room last and put it back together first. That way no matter where we were, California or Arizona, she felt safe and at home. I literally did this the very minute we moved in, before she even spent one night in our new house. I really think it made all that moving much easier on her.


    Big Girl Room

    Unpacking is my favorite part. All of the new possibilities and exciting design choices to be made! I am giddy just thinking about getting to do it again soon and in my very own house that I will own!!! Ahhh!! Ok I will calm down and wish you happy packing or at least a happy decluttering.

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    When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby, I was so nervous because my youngest at the time was only 6 months old. The only thing that calmed my fears was thinking that maybe the baby growing inside of me would be a little girl, because if it was a girl, that meant my oldest would have a sister. A SISTER.


    I have a sister and she is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. My sister and I are 5 years apart. When we were growing up there were so many times where she drove me nuts. I was older and she followed me around idolizing me. She wanted to play with my friends and hang out in my room. I remember when I first got to shave my legs and she took a bath with me and watched with awe as I took my first step into womanhood. Haha Then there was the time when I was married and she was still young and tiny, and I spent all of my time walking around idolizing her. I begged her to let me hang out with her and made her let me borrow some of her clothes (which she hated). Those were not our best times but then something magical happens, one day you are both adults at the very same time. You are both married and you both have kids. You are pregnant together, although you are having your third and she is having her first. Still, you now have this even deeper level of connection because you are both going through the same things at the same time. You can cry together, eat together, run away from life together, and it is just the best. Then your babies grow up together and your bond gets even stronger.


    I wanted this as a mom and I got it. I get to watch my girls be sisters. I get to watch them fight and laugh and play. I will get to watch them learn from each other and grow up together. Someday I will get to watch them be in each other’s weddings and have babies together. They are so lucky to have each other and I know that first hand. Whether you are the older sister or the younger sister, or somewhere in the middle, there is so much to be learned from each other. I have been taught courage, faith, patience, loyalty and Christlike love from my little sister. At times I am convinced that she is far wiser and stronger then I will ever be. Hug your sisters today because they are truly the greatest blessing God gives to families.

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    8 ways to personalize your rental

    Let me tell you my number one pet peeve, not decorating your rental because you don’t want to invest anything into it if you are only going to be there for a few years. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? A few years or even a year is a long time to live in a place that doesn’t feel homey. I know I am biased, being an interior designer and all, but honestly I just don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you want to make even just your rental feel like home? There is nothing worse then feeling like you are a stranger in someone else’s house, so pretty please if you only take one piece of my advice let it be this one, decorate your rental for heavens sake!!!!! Here are the excuses I hear all the time from people I love who have rentals like me, I don’t know how long we will even be here. I don’t want to buy furniture for this house when we won’t live here forever. I don’t want to patch nail holes or paint back walls or put any of my own money into this place. I really do understand all of these concerns but I honestly believe that by investing even just a little money and time into the place you live, whether it be an apartment or rental house, will drastically improve your quality of life. K now I can jump down off of my soap box and calm down a little to give you my top 8 ways to personalize your rental.

    1.PAINT YOUR WALLS. Talk with your homeowner about color they approve but for the love do not live in poopy tan walls because you think you have to! Chose light grays or whites. You can even add stripes or walls with pops of color if you are willing to paint them back when you move. This will update your home and give a pretty back drop for all of your decor. When we moved into our rental the walls were a milk chocolate color and I changed them to my favorite gray “silver birch” from behr. I added stripes down my hall to add some character and I have not once regretted the $50 I spent on paint or the few hours I put into it.
    Family Room

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    2.ADD RUGS. My least favorite thing about rentals is that you have to live with whatever finishes were here before. Such as flooring, countertops and faucets. You can however put rugs down over the existing flooring to take attention away from something you might not love. Our kitchen has the worst laminate slate floors in terrible green/brown tones, so I threw this IKEA rug over it to add character and distract people from my hideous laminate. You can do the same with carpet. Add a stylish rug to distract from the tan or cream carpet that may exist in your rental. Good news is that spending money on rugs is not a waste because you can take them with you when you move!

    Dining Room

    3.CHANGE OUT LIGHT FIXTURES. This might be my favorite thing to do in my rentals. It just takes a little wiring and you can go from out dated rental fixtures to custom lights. I changed out those horrible bun lights for chandeliers in my halls and kitchen and swapped out an out dated chandelier for this thrift store one in my dining room! Trust me, especially if you or your husband is handy, this will make a dramatic difference in your home.


    4.HANG THINGS IN THE WALL. Odds are you are going to have to touch up paint and fill some holes when you leave any way, so don’t be afraid to hang family pictures or gallery walls in your rental. Cheap and like all of the other things, you can take your art with you when you go!



    5.CHANGE OUT BATHROOM MIRRORS. This one only works for powder bathrooms usually, but changing out a frameless, boring mirror for something more unique, is a great way to personalize your bathroom spaces.


    6.CHANGE OUT DOORS. It is absolutely my favorite thing in my whole house and the piece I get the most compliments on, my linen closet door. I swapped out a boring flat door for this door I found for $20 at an old building supply store. I painted it blue and hung in my linen closet. It adds SO MUCH character with out breaking the bank. I love it so so much.

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    7.BUY GOOD FURNITURE. Buying quality furniture pieces that reflect your personal style is the best way to make your rental feel like your own. You should have good cozy couches and fun pillows to add personal touches to your space. You need nightstands and side tables and lamps. They don’t have to be expensive. Shop thrift stores and budget friendly stores like Ross or homegoods but BUY THINGS. You can take them with you when you go or resell them. They are worth investing in and will make you feel like the adult you are trying to be!

    Dining Room

    8.PAINT CABINETS. This one might terrify you and I understand that, so if you have to pass this step, I will forgive you. If you are more adventurous then call your homeowner and ask about what cabinets you can paint? Sometimes they will even pay for supplies if you are willing to do the work. Changing those nasty orange bathroom or kitchen cabinets to a crisp white is LIFE CHANGING!


    The bottom line is LOVE where you LIVE. Invest a little of yourself in your rental and your quality of life with improve no matter what faze of life you are in!

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    my motherhood

    All week I have been contemplating what my post for Mother’s Day was going to be about. What words of wisdom or moments of reflection would I share with all of you? Then it kind of hit me, I don’t have any. Really though. I am so deep in the middle of my motherhood, that I can’t see the end from the beginning. Everywhere I turn there are babies crying, or toddlers screaming, or 7 year olds sassing me. The background music of my life is Mickey Mouse club house. Haha there is currently no time for reflection of any kind at all. I am in mommy survival mode. That mode where you metaphorically put your head down, (you can’t actually put your head down because somebody would get hurt or you would look up to your whole house would be destroyed) and keep pushing through. That sounds bad, like I don’t enjoy it or it is all terrible. That is quite the opposite of how I feel. I actually love it. I love the chaos and the endless amounts of love and kisses, but it is hard. Very hard. It is a grind, and I constantly have to remind myself to make sure and take enough mental pictures so I have them saved in my mind for when this beautiful, messy faze of life is over. This is it, this is motherhood. It is sleepless nights, worrying all the time, packing lunches, making bottles, picking up messes, kissing cheeks, changing diapers, drawing baths and driving carpools. It is not glamorous. It is messy. Then, Just when you think you definitely can’t do it anymore, one of those little humans you made look up at you with their big blue eyes and take your breath away. They are worth it. Of course they are. They need you. Something about that simple fact, and the knowledge that it won’t always be that way, keeps you going. It helps you be a little more present and a little more gentle when life feels overwhelming. Someday they won’t need you, at least not like this. Someday you won’t be covered in baby paraphernalia and smell like spit up. Someday you will wear real clothes and fix your hair. Someday you will sleep in again and someday you will miss this. You will really, really miss it. So although it is busy and crazy and stressful, it is the only place I would want to be. Right here on the floor, being climbed on by tiny humans, in the middle of my very own motherhood.


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    Ikea and Vintage

    Ok let’s talk about two of my fave things, vintage and all thinks IKEA. Some people seem to think that IKEA is cheap and looks chinsy. Well, guess what, if you fill your entire house with only IKEA I may agree but adding it in with other styles can crate the perfect harmony for your home. You can not beat the price of IKEA and you definitely can’t beat the function.

    Dining Room

    If I ever need a picture frame, this is my go to place. I framed my botanical prints that I found at a thrift shop, on a girls trip to San Francisco, in these $1.99 IKEA white frames. It makes the look cohesive and simple while saving you Buco bucks!

    Dining Room

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    Friends-giving, The new Thankgiving

    Ok ok I know it is not thanksgiving time right now, but I wasn’t blogging in November so I am taking this opportunity to post about my FAVORITE tradition anyway!!! I have the FUNNEST (is that even a word?) group of girl friends and each of us take a holiday though out the year and host a couples party to celebrate it! Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and even Easter, but my personal favorite (because I got to host it;)) is FRIENDS-GIVING!! Aka thanksgiving with your friends. Don’t tell anyone, but I love it more then real thanksgiving.


    This year I had Mr. Perfect build me an extra table to fit all of our friends around because we were going to have perfect attendance this year and needed all the space we could get! Now if you are thinking, “how do you decorate and do all that cooking??” Then you probably don’t know me very well because cooking is so not my thing! I am however an amazing delegator and assign each friend to bring their most famous side dish to share. Seeing as how the classy clutter girls and made it, ate it, loved it are among some of my best friends, I would be full on crazy not to force them to cook for me!!! My husband and his buddy fry the turkey a few hours before, and I do contribute my mother in laws famous sweet potato casserole. I will hook you all up with the recipe before thanksgiving this year.


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    Gallery walls “happy randomness”

    It seems obvi that I CAN NOT live with out gallery walls. I legit have one in every room of my house. Is that a problem? I don’t think so! They are kind of my design addiction or bff or something like that, but the point is they add so so much to a room. Whether you want a modern, eclectic or rustic space, a gallery wall is where it is at.

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    Let’s talk floor to ceiling gallery walls like this one in my hall way. I had been wanting to try this FOREVER and after a trip to Boston with my girl friends, I had just enough new art pieces to complete it! (Sidebar: no matter where I go on a trip I always stuff a frame or two in my suitcase to take home with me. It makes my gallery walls so much more personal and I get happy looking at the pieces I have collected from around the country.) I had already had this mirror hung in the hallway so I just decided to work around it.

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    Our Story

    Today is a special day. Twelve years ago today, I married the love of my life. Our love story, all though not the kind they typically write movies about, is my favorite.

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    I met my husband in high school at 16 years old, yes we are high school sweet hearts. So cliche right? My best friend was dating his best friend so we decided to sit with them in the cafeteria and there he was….Cocky as hell but cute as it too. Did I mention he was in a band?? Like a rock band! He played the guitar(sigh)…so yeah, my 16 year old self was smitten. I was a very “good girl” by all means, just ask anyone who was at mountain view in 2001;). He on the other hand considered himself a “bad boy”. Like the kind who left his mom notes letting her know he snuck out, just in case she woke up and found him missing (adorable right?). Well, you get it. Good girl, bad boy, we were destined to fall in love.

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    The first time we “hung out” I went to one of his shows to hear him play the guitar. We spoke for maybe 30 seconds because I had to be home for my 10:30pm curfew hahaha! He says I snubbed him, but really I was so nervous I couldn’t even be cute. I said something dorky and went home and over analyzed it ALL NIGHT. We hung out again not too long after that first show, and I realized there were a few things this dreamy boy would have to change if he wanted to be with me. My parents would probably not approve of this soft core, rebel with out a cause so I started talking to him about what was really important to me. I invited him come to morning sides with me (church meetings for kids our age, that happened way before the sun came up) and his friends teased him for getting whipped by a “goody goody”. He took me to all of his shows, where I stood in front rows, rocking out to music I wasn’t really obsessed with, all to impress this kid I was falling for. Over the next few years I watched this person I cared about change and grow into the person he was meant to be. What started out as wanting to impress a girl, turned into a real and deep conversion. I can not take all the credit, (all though I try too any chance I get;)) because he did all the hard work. It was this process, watching him grow and change for the better, that made me fall in LOVE with him. I loved him so much it hurt. Seriously though, being a teenager is dramatic like that.

    A week before I graduated from high school, he left for his mission in Panama. I died. I was so proud and yet so sad. We had fallen in love, as much as any kids could have. I vowed to “wait” for him.

    After he had been gone for 6 months or so I got a letter where he broke up with me. That is right, I was dear Jane-d. He said something like he needed to focus and missing me was a distraction so I should date and move on. I hated him. Well I wanted to but I loved him so much and I was actually proud of him. He wanted to focus and grow into the missionary and man he was supposed to be. So I did what any 19 year old would do, I dated all the boys. By dated I mean made out🙈. My husband was my first kiss but not my second, third, fourth, fifth…you get the point. I went through the motions but I struggled with out him. A part of me knew it wasn’t over and so my heart waited even though I was “dating”.

    A month before he came home I was panicking. Like NERVOUS BREAKDOWN status. I decided I would hit my knees and pray. Pray to know if the feelings I had as a 16-18 year old girl were real. If he was the person I was supposed to marry and have babies with. My answer was crystal clear and I knew. He was the one. How could I know this before I had even seen him again???? I don’t know exactly, but I did KNOW with every fiber of my being, I knew.

    I took an anxiety medicine the night before he came to see me and in order to appear super chill, I wore my Jack Bauer shirt to meet him for the first time. JACK BAUER. I felt it said “oh hey, your back? I totally forgot. No biggie.” Hahaha. Our connection was palpable and we were both shaking as we hugged for the first time.

    The next few months were rocky for us. We tried dating for a while but he was still nervous about why he felt we should brake up in the first place. I decided to give him a chance to figure it out, while I volunteered in Ecuador for the next three months. I left. I knew it was the right thing to do for me and for us. He dated a little, and we talked on the phone every night. We talked about EVERYTHING. We had dated for two years before he left for Panama, but we were kids then. So as adults, on a satellite phone, we talked about everything. Our hopes our dreams our future babies. Then it happened. We knew. Technically I already knew, but he caught up. We were in love and wanted to be together forever.

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    I came home just before my 21st birthday in February of 2006 and on March 7th he proposed to me. We were so happy. So naïve and so in love.

    We were married in the San Diego, LDS temple on April 22, 2006. We honeymooned at the hotel Coronado and on our drive home we actually talked about how we couldn’t even imagine EVER having anything to fight about. Haha.

    10 years have passed and we have been through it. Fights, miscarriages, infertility, job changes, hormone changes, 6 moves, 3 kids, one dog. Personal growth, spiritual growth, marital triumphs, parental triumphs, business success and so much happiness.

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    I have watched the man I chose to marry and be with, continue to grow into the person I always believed he would be. The kind of father that kids sit around talking about for years, after they are all grown. The kind of man I am honored to have my son look up to, and my daughters want to marry. The kind of friend who will never turn his back on you in your time of need. The kind of son who still honors and respects his parents. The kind of husband who is faithful and patient, who looks at me the same way he did 10 years ago. He is my rock. My very best friend. My cheerleader. My lover. My partner. I want to have all the babies with him and grow old together. My most favorite thing he has ever done, was chose me in return. I love you Mr. Perfect and look forward to many more decades as your wife. Happy Anniversary.