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    I had a conversation with some one I care a lot about last night about how she has always felt the need to be “perfect” and that if she made a mistake God would pull away from her. We also talked about how she is learning that that is not the case, that God draws closer but at times we pull way from Him. This was a religious conversation and both of us being raised LDS, yet having very different experiences with it, got me thinking. Specific religion aside, do lots of us feel this way? Do we feel the need to be “perfect” or to be the star student of life? If we make mistakes do we feel less than or even un lovable? This thought makes me so so sad. There is physically and spiritually no way to be “perfect” in this life so if we are disappointed to the point of hating our selves every time we aren’t perfect then how do we find joy or self worth?

    Here are some of my thoughts and beliefs, we are children of God and he loves us. Think of how much we love our kids and the joy they bring into our lives even when they aren’t perfect and make mistakes. If we can love them that much, just imagine how much a perfect Heavenly Father must love us. If we are constantly striving to be perfect then I think we are missing out on the joys that can only be found in life’s imperfections. When I make mistakes I always find the lesson to be learned and try and find the opportunity to grow into an even better version of my self. There are also things I know I will NEVER be able to change or do perfectly. THAT IS OK!!! In fact I think that is more then ok, that makes me who I am. Just like your imperfections make you who you are. God made us all differently for a reason.
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    If I had an opportunity to scream one thing and one thing only from a mountain top, for all the world to hear, it would be “STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER AND YOURSELVES SO HARSHLY!” Ok, I know that is technically two things but they are similar enough. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. The way that God forgives us when we repent. Even if you have to do it every night after you tuck those babies of yours into bed. “I forgive myself for the mistakes I made as a mommy today.”
    Recognize that you did the best you were capable of today and that is that. So you yelled when your toddler spilled the milk all over the floor instead of turning it into some darling commercial moment where you laugh while cleaning it up together. THAT’S REAL LIFE. You yelled because you are human and as such we don’t always stop to laugh at life’s accidents. Sometimes instead we blow them way out of proportion and even make them worse. Forgive yourself. Your husband came home from work and you didn’t run to him with open arms and kisses? Instead you angrily asked why he was five minutes late and threw your kids at him, then ran away to your room!!! Guilty.
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    Let’s forgive our selves. Let’s say sorry when we are wrong to the people we love and to our Heavenly Father but then let’s move on and just do our best the next day. If you don’t have this problem, then help teach someone else how to over come it. We are all fighting to survive life’s ups and downs. So let’s remember the good news, we are children of a loving and perfect Heavenly Father and he will never abandon us. We have a savior that died for us so we can be forgiven, so let’s live in a way to merit that forgiveness and forgive our selves and others more quickly. Perfection is impossible but doing our best isn’t. Love you all.

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    Buffalo Check| Clients Nursery

    Buffalo check. Why it is good to embrace a fad every now and then. Paint is just paint, so if there is a trend that you can paint on to your walls or furniture, I say go for it. If you don’t like it in a year from now just paint it again! Paint is like the perfect relationship, it gives you all the thrills at first but if you change your mind you can dump it, and with out much effort move on to the next (says the married women who has no idea what dating is actually like anymore). You get the idea right? You can change it, so don’t be afraid to try it! Ok now that we have over analyzed it lets talk about one of my new favorite patterns, BUFFALO CHECK.
    good vibes
    (Image from Classy Clutter)
    Buffalo check seems to add the perfect amount of character to any space while also being uber stylish. In my clients nursery we went with a bold version of buffalo check in these great blue gray colors. The dark color was Behr Starless night and the mediuim blue was Behr forever denim> for the lightest color we used behr forever denim at 75%>

    I found the tutorial on how to accomplish this look over on classy clutter. I have painted stripes in clients homes for years now, so this process was very familiar to me and something I was comfortable trying. If you want to try this yourself go check out there site for detailes here. Nurseries are by far some of my favorite rooms to decorate because you ultimately have so much freedom. You can really use your creativity and you don’t have to be afraid of over doing it because it is a BABIES ROOM! The more bold and whimsical the better for their growth and development!

    In my daughters room I decided this bedding from ikea would be the perfect way to soften up her room and add some visual interest.
    In my opinion buffalo check is the perfect pattern to add to any space. Her room has this gorgeous vintage, bed frame that I got from my girl the junk joint.
    Although the paint color is not my all time favorite, I did not want to lose that natural chippy element, so I left it (for now). Pinks in the same color family, soften the rustic look of the bed and wooden shelf hanging above her metal desk.
    The gray and white buffalo check adds soft pattern and layers perfectly with her vintage throw I found at merchant square. I have changed her room a million times but this is my fave so far!

    So wether it be an accent wall or fabrics don’t be afraid to try something new and exiting in your home! What is the point of life anyway, if you are not surrounded by the things that you love!

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    The Crazy Places

    The crazy places

    I am currently writing this blog post in my closet. I am so over today. Do you ever have those days where you dream of running away? Not that you actually want to, or really would but you let yourself fantasize about getting in your car, while everyone is distracted, and driving to the beach? “Peace out suckas!!” Fantasizing about how your families world would just crumble if you disappeared on them. I imagine them saying “where is dinner?” “Why do I have no clean clothes?” How come my bed isn’t magically being made by the time I come home from school anymore?” Or seeing them trip over the pile of shoes they have kicked off, day after day with out me there to pick them up and put them away. Yeah today was one of those days.


    I have like, the best family, but even the best families can drive you freaking nuts. My “sweet boy” as I call him, even though he is more like a little devil at times, seemed to follow me around all weekend dumping out everything I picked up and crumbling everything I gave him to eat into some kind of fine powder that he then threw all over the carpet. Messes. Everywhere I looked there was disaster. “Am I the only one who can see this?” I asked myself. Based off of my oldest and Mr Perfect’s reaction to what was happening, I am convinced they are blind and need to see an optometrist immediately. Why is it that moms are the only ones who can see the dishes piling up and the laundry all over the floor..? Maybe it is just my family that seems to have the distinct talent of ignoring chaos but I have a feeling some of you can relate.



    So what did I do about it? I would like to tell you I was very mature and sat them all down and told them in a very reasonable voice that I could use a little extra help around here if they wouldn’t mind…but that is not the case. I did however passive aggressively mumble under my breath, as I banged all the dishes and slammed all the cupboards. Shockingly this did not make anyone eager to help me, or to even come within ten feet of me for that matter. Why do I do this? I am so good at playing the martyr sometimes that I forget to ask for help.


    I would rather plan my break away to the beach then suck it up and ask for help. Is it because I think I should be able to handle all of this better, and I am embarrassed that I can’t? Maybe. Being a Mom is hard sometimes but I know I don’t have to do it all by myself. Although my husband isn’t the kind to magically notice all of the things I need help with. He is the kind whom if I ask, will gladly relieve some of my burden and pitch in. Although being “adult” about this is not always as fun as acting like a tantrum throwing four year old who missed there nap, I suppose in the end getting what I need is worth being mature for. So to all of you who find yourself in your own personal “crazy place” come out from hiding and ask the people you love and who love you for some help. They just might surprise you…if not I will meet you at the beach!

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    First of all thank you guys so so much for entering this giveaway and telling me all your favorite accessories! My favorite things in my own house are all of my art pieces I have collected from thrift stores and girls trips around the country. Also PILLOWS!! Ok enough of that lets get to the good stuff! I absolutely 100% chose these 5 winners at random! I believe in fate and keeping things completely real so here goes

    Kbcute giveaway goes to…

    swaddle winner

    Classy clutter print co. goes to…

    good vibes winner

    Classy clutter Vinyl goes to…

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    Jaxn Blvd goes to…

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    Ok drum roll please……















    019 winner

    I am so so happy for all of you! I wish you could all win something because I love you all so much! Pretty pretty please keep following along and let’s keep talking real life and all the pretty things.

    XO Jade

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    Not only is today the most exciting day for me, but for you all too! I am giving away a FARM TABLE to one of you lucky readers!!!

    Farm Table

    Seeing as how this is a prize that can only be won by one of our local (Phoenix metro area) readers I am doing a second giveaway with some of my favorite people, who make some of my favorite things I LOVE to have in my home!! Jaxn Blvd has oh so generously offered to give my fave “love grows best” sign to one of you lucky ducks.


    As if that wasn’t enough, you will be getting the most comfy dreamy throw blanket from my epically talented sister in law Kerri from KBcute.


    To sweeten the deal my best friends over at Classy Clutter are throwing in one of there new 24″x36″ Good Vibes Only print!!

    good vibes

    plus 2

    Now for the really important part, how do you enter???

    •Make sure you are following all four of us on Instagram

    •tag a friend on Instagram

    •leave a comment on the blog letting me know what your favorite accessory is in your home!??

    •if I you are in the Phoenix metro area leave another comment saying FARMTABLE to be entered for the table giveaway. (Please do not enter unless you can pick up table from Gilbert, AZ)

    •for an extra entry repost the giveaway on Instagram tagging #FKgiveaway

    Giveaway ends Tuesday April 5th at midnight and I will announce the winner Thursday April 7th at 9am!!! GOOD LUCK

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    Lets talk my favorite mint colors

    Let’s talk mint. Although I do not like it anywhere near my ice cream or chocolate, I do love it all over my furniture. A pop of mint green can add color to a neutral space without taking away the soft bright look you are going for. Did you know that the color green is technically a neutral? Did you also know it is my favorite color of all time? Maybe it is because my name is Jade and I am obligated or something, but even still I am obsessed. One of my favorite places to use it is on a night stand in a Master bedroom.




    I used Behr “Establish Mint” on my own nightstands. I gave my bedroom furniture a big face lift about 5 years ago and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Originally the bed and night stands were black. I opted for a neutral cream color on the headboard and footboard but because I love color I decided to paint the nightstands with a clean soft green.

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    Cleaning House: emotionally & physically

    Growing up I used to look forward to summer vacations and getting to sleep in for hours on end, except in my house this was not the reality. The reality was that at least 4 out of 7 mornings I was woken up by the sound of my mom singing along to Celine Dion at the top of her lungs, while vacuuming. “Mom I am trying to SLEEP!!!” I would yell from my bed but to no avail. She just turned it up and sang louder! I never understood why she had to a.) clean that early in the morning (7 am!) and b.) why she couldn’t clean with out music blaring. Well now that I am much older and wiser, I totally get it. The only time you can see the fruit of your labor in a clean house, is when your kids are asleep.




    As for the music, I have learned anything worth doing in life is best done to the beat of your favorite songs! Cleaning is like therapy to me. I have fought many an imaginary battle with people all while cleaning my bathrooms or kitchen sinks.


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    Getting to know me I am actually doing this! I feel like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone when he finally gets up the nerve to run out from under his parents bed and yell “I’m not afraid any more!” I think this is going to be my new life motto (along with “fake it ’till you make it”). This, starting a blog, is something I have wanted to try for a very long time, but talked myself out of it over and over again. I thought I was showing up too late to this party and that there were already way too many amazing people doing it, so there was no room for me. Even though that may be true, I am making room for myself! I am elbowing my way in and taking a big leap of faith. I have stuff to say, dang it! I have talents I want to share. I want to grow and learn new things. I want to be brave. I want to show my self and my kids that you can always try new things no matter how old you are.



    Now so we can move on to me telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Jade Bennett and I am thirty one, (I have decided this is the ugliest number and must be spelled out always) I have been married for almost 10 years to my kind of perfect husband. I say “kind of perfect” because if you ask anyone in my family about my husband, Ty, they will declare him the most perfect human being in the world. To them I am now second best to the amazing person I chose to marry and have all the babies with. Speaking of babies, I am lucky enough to be the mama of three beautiful kids, Peighton 7, Miles 18 months and Indie 3 months. These babies and my husband are my greatest blessings.


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    Black & White Nursery with my favorite Heartbeat Print


    I get questions about my son’s heartbeat print very often on my Instagram feed. I decided there is no time like the present to open up and talk about it. Although this may seem like just a great black and white design choice (which it is) this heartbeat has so much meaning to me on a personal level.

    Boy Nursery

    We have had quite the journey getting our babies here from heaven. My first pregnancy about 8 years ago ended in heartache, at about ten weeks into my gestation. It was our first baby and we were so excited when we found out we were expecting! I had already spent so many nights laying in my bed imagining what this little person growing inside of me would grow up to be like. Moms totally get this, even though you just found out your pregnant, like, yesterday, you are already so attached to the person you are basically planning their future weddings in your head! Sadly, when we got to our appointment, I laid on the table holding my husband’s hand in mine waiting for the little blurry picture on the screen to blink. “Where is the heartbeat?”

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