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    Four tips for designing the perfect nursery

    If you have been here for a minute you know I am not a huge fan of “themed” kids rooms. I want it to be a space that can grow with them and Winnie Pooh just really doesn’t do that;). Ha I will give you some tips however to make a whimsical and beautiful space that reflects your babies personality and can grow along with them.

    One. Wallpaper
    Kids rooms are the best place to go crazy with wallpaper! Pick something fun and bright or muted and whimsical. In my Indie’s room I went with this bold black background Magnolia flower paper (shop here) because my sweet baby is a little old soul. She has the sweetest disposition and a vintage flare to her that I wanted to reflect in her nursery. Plus who doesn’t love a bold wallpaper? Chose something that reflects you and your sweet babe and go for it!

    Two. Crib sheets
    There are generally no fluffy pillows or duvet covers in a nursery, so don’t forget the sheets! Ha Chose something fun and patterned on the crib to make the space light and fun! For Indie’s room I kept the sheet neutral and patterned to coordinate with the walls. These swans had my heart and basically everything KB cute has is perfect! (Shop here). Think geometric, bold stripes or florals when picking a fun crib sheet!

    Three. Art
    Art is a great place to go sentimental or crazy! In my sons nursery HERE I had a huge engineer print of his heartbeat made for the wall in his black and white nursery.
    In my daughters space I had to keep it very simple because of her fun wallpaper and used these prints from Classy Clutter shop (shop here). Plus a fun mirror so we could stare at ourselves while snuggling before bed time. Floral prints from my collection with Brittney Gurr (shop here) or photography from places you have traveled make Great Wall art in a nursery.

    Four. Rugs
    If you are a new mom you might underestimate the amount of time you will be spending sitting on the floor with your babies. Not to mention when they start crawling around on those tiny little knees. So pick something cozy AND pretty to look at! I will link a few of my fave nursery rugs at the bottom of the page. Make sure it coordinates with the wallpaper and art. If all patterns are a fail go with a soft furry rug like I did in Indie’s nursery!

    You are the momma and you and that sweet baby will be spending lots of alone time together in this room, so make it a happy space that reflects how you feel about that little miracle. Think of them and there sweet personality and spirit and make a space that nurtured them even when you come up short some days. Never underestimate the love, an intentionally designed space makes your kids feel.
    Love you friends!

    Fave Rugs

    Blue bohemian

    Pink bohemian

    Vintage pink

    Peighton’s room

    Faux Fur rug


    Interior Design

    How to shop goodwill like an Interior designer

    I have been shopping goodwill long before it was a trendy thing to do. I learned stops and trick along the way that makes my experience fast an efficient! When I was in high school my girl friends and I used to buy all of our t-shirts from thrift shops with our Abercrombie jeans. Ha! Now I am always on the hunt for client finds and unfounded treasures. If you didn’t know already, this “finders keepers designs” business was started flipping furniture I found at thrift shops around AZ!

    First, before you even leave the car, know what you are looking for. There may be something specific you are on the hunt for so make a mental list. If you are just browsing for things you never knew you needed that is great too!
    Start with the small goods section. The vases, wicker baskets and small collectibles. Baskets and small pottery or vases are one of my favorite things to thrift because they are so in expensive and can be used on book shelves, night stands or dressers around your home to add character. They give your home that warm eclectic feel with out breaking the bank. Stick beautiful stems in a small collection of vases and it will make you VERY HAPPY, trust me! Smaller wicker baskets are great on open shelving or vanities to collect keys and small accessories. I also LOVE using wicker baskets to put greenery in around my house. They warm up a space and more then you might imagine with there woven earthy texture.


    Next, I make my way to the leaning wall of large frames. With my finders keepers floral prints line that I have with Brittney Gurr (shop here), I am always looking for large frames that don’t break the bank. Almost every art price you see on that back wall can be changed out for new art that you love. The skinny gold frames are a favorite of mine right now and fun to hunt for. I even love when I do my gallery walls or skinny art ledges to keep some original painting that I found at goodwill on them just the way they are. Beautiful ocean scene paintings or old farm art can be found in this section and styled on your bookshelves at home.

    I then make my way passed lamps, ALWAYS LOOK AT THE LAMPS! Every lamp in my home is thrifted. From brass bases the crystal bases, pop on a new lampshade and you have beautiful ambient lighting in your home for under $10!

    Now on to the furniture section! The crown jewel but also the biggest long shot in this process. I have had incredible luck finding my poetry barn slip covered couch and my two buffalo check (now slip covered) chairs at the goodwill. This however takes time and hunting. Visiting lots of different thrift shops and hoping the universe brings you what you want! I believe this to be my super power, whenever I REALLY want something from a thrift store I ALWAYS FIND IT! Law of attraction??? Good karma??? I don’t know but it is pretty lucky and I am grateful for it. In this section is upholstered goods, wood pieces and chairs. Upholstered goods can be “scary” to thrift so I use the utmost scrutiny when I am choosing a fabric piece. I look for the cleanest best maintained piece and only get those one that fit the criteria. When I get home I steam clean what can’t be take off and thrown in the washing machine. I have also found some of the most beautiful hutches and dressers that I have refinished through out the years. It still amazes me what a fresh coat of white paint can do to an old piece. (Fave whites here).

    Last but not least I make my way past the books. I love old books. Whether i am needing to add a pop of color to a space or want and all white collection, old books just make a home happy. In my sons room I did an ombré collection of children’s books that put a smile on my face every time I see them! They are functional and beautiful. Pro tip* don’t judge a book by its cover, peel of the book cover to reveal the true binding and see if that is a color you need or can work with. Also don’t be afraid to flip some books the opposite direction, pages forward, when styling shelves. This gives you more neutral options and more texture.

    YOU DID IT! You thrifted like a designer and no doubt left with a cart full of goodies. Add these pieces with other higher end pieces to create a home that uniquely reflects who you are and who you want to be. Never under estimate a thrift store my friends!

    ****pro tip

    WEDNESDAY is the best day to shop!!!

    Interior Design

    8 creative backsplashes that will inspire you

    One of my favorite things about interior design is how many options you have to personalize your home. The possibilities are endless, and at times overwhelming, so let me do your thinking for you and give you some inspiration for choosing your perfect back splash.

    1. Dark and Dramatic

    back glossy tile

    Image  Source

    Shiny black backsplash any one? This is such a dramatic and bold way to make a statement in your kitchen. This dark moody black, paired with brass fixtures and smoky blue cabinets make for a modern masterpiece. Masculine in color and feminine in finishes. Do not count out dark dramatic colors when designing your dream kitchen.

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    My life philosophy, Me just me, in honor of my 33rd birthday

    K so it is time to tell you all about my philosophy on life, ready? Jk it is not that serious and I definitely didn’t invent this but life really is all about balance. I believe every mom has three “me’s” inside of her, me the mom, me the wife and me JUST ME. I want to talk about the last one, the ME, you were before you found the husband or had all the babies. The person you were born and the person you have grown into through out your life. Do you remember her? Did you lose her? Is she still even in there?

    just a super blonde young ME

    As a mom and a wife, we give up lots of things that we used to love to do, for our babies and husbands, but what about US!!?? Someday our babies will grow up and leave and we will be left with more time to ourselves. Or you might find yourself divorced for a number of different reasons and you will be there, JUST YOU. What do we do then? Did we give them too much and now there is nothing left? I really really hope not. I feel like we were raised by a generation of women who never grasped this concept of “taking care of themselves”. So how do we know how to do it if we never saw it? I don’t know about you but I want my daughter to grow up knowing she has value all by herself. She doesn’t need kids or a husband to be a whole and happy person. I want her to take care of her self and love herself! So why wouldn’t I want the same for myself, and isn’t it up to me to show her how to do that? YES, yes it is!

    I honestly believe it is so important to find worth in your self as just yourself. It is important to do the things you love to do just for you.

    I grew up with a mom that moved to America from England all by herself at the age of 19. She left all of her family in England, everyone of them, to come here and visit my dad (who she met when he served a mission in her town). How brave is that? They got married fairly quickly and started having all of us kids. My mom loved being a mom. She was good at it, maybe too good at it. She gave us all she had and I watched her sacrifice her wants until I am not even sure she knew what she wanted anymore. She didn’t have any close girl friends that she took trips with and us kids would call and complain every time she went away with my dad, to the point of her usually coming home early to make us happy. I remember getting to travel back to England with her when I was about 20 and she (bless her heart) she struggled with what to do, or where to go. She had depended on my dad for the last 21 years to do all of that “stuff” for her. What happened to that girl that saved every last penny to come here from England alone? Now do not get me wrong, my mom did the absolute best she could with what she knew, but she lost her self. That independent brave young girl was basically gone. I have watched her struggle trying to find her self again over the last 10 years and it has inspired me to be better and to learn from her.

    2006 worked in orphanages in Cuenca, Ecuador

    I don’t want to lose that part of myself. That part that at 21 years old got on a plane all alone and flew to Ecuador, where I spoke no Spanish, and found my way to my driver who took me to my OSSO group in a city miles away. That girl was brave and independent and cool. I want to be her always. So how do I make sure I don’t lose her?

    Here is what I think, I have to let her out!! That side of me loves things, things she has always loved. Like going to the gym, decorating, being with her girl friends and making people laugh. I, just me, love to go on trips and lay on the beach. I, just me, love to stay up late, binging on shows and eating ALL THE SNACKS! So I do those things! I do them often and sometimes only in little ways. I go to the gym almost everyday. I plan trips with my girlfriends yearly and make people laugh everyday on snap chat;) jk jk! Haha.

    33rd B-day trip to disneyland

    That is what I love about people like The Allison show, she created opportunities for us, through dance parties, to reconnect with ourselves. I promise if you all find even small ways to reconnect with yourself on a regular basis, you will find so much more balance in your lives!!! Is it easy to do? NO. Will you feel guilty at first when your kids cry as you walk out the gym door leaving them at the mercy of babysitters? YES. Is it even worth all that trouble? YES. You guys, we are worth it. We are worth remembering and taking care of. That is the thing about balance, if you don’t take care of all three “me’s” then they will all suffer. Taking care of just you, will make you a more patient and loving mama and it will definitely make you a more fun and happy wife! Try it and let me know how it goes! I believe in this SO MUCH! Call your girl friends and go out! Tell your husband I said so, he will thank me later and so will you! 😉

    19 year old ME

    Interior Design

    How to make the corners of your rug lay flat for $2

    If I had a dollar for every time I tripped over the corner of one of my rugs, I could buy a crap ton of more beautiful rugs!!!! It seams as if once they come up, they stay up. I have tried rug tape, painters tape and even folding the corners under to try and brake the rugs bad habit but it never stuck! I saw this tip from a friend and I can not believe how well it works!

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