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    Waco and Magnolia Market

    Waco, waco, waco. Where do I even begin? This was the coolest trip I have taken in a long time. It might have been the high you get from flying with out kids, or the pure joy I feel when I get to be alone with my husband for more then a few hours, OR the fact that I met my design super hero Joanna Gaines (we will get back to that) but this trip was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

    To start from the beginning we flew into Dallas early on a Thursday morning. Waco is basically equal distant between Austin and Dallas but we chose Dallas so we could visit some friends before we left. Anywho, we rented a car Thursday morning and drove straight to the silos. We made a Quik Trip run, and loaded up on snacks as we drove through, what to some people may believe to be boring flat land, farm town after farm town. We geeked out over all of the farm houses and huge open skies. Then as we pulled off the freeway into Waco I saw them, THE SILOS!!! They were just as big and rustic as I had imagined and I my heart started racing to get in there asap! Parking wasn’t to bad and we found free spots every time we went down there.

    First stop at the silos was The Baking Co. I thought for sure JoJo could not be good at all the things, so I was very skeptical about if the cupcakes would be good. That being said I ordered the shiplap cupcake and my hubs grabbed the cookie. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Dang it JoJo, you are good at everything! Ha over the next few days I had yet another shiplap cupcake and the strawberries and cream and they were both something I dream about. TIP: if the line to the bakery is too long they sometimes have the baking co. Food truck parked in the back of the silos with the same cupcakes. We sat on the patio under the silos eating Joanna’s cupcakes on Joanna’s chairs and I was in Heaven.

    Now it was time to head into the store. It was funny because unlike other TV or reality shows I have watched (I have watched MANY) when I walked into Magnolia market, it was exactly like it was on TV. They some how capture the feelings and beauty perfectly. The design and layout had me geeking out on every level. TIP: the week days were WAY less busy then the weekends and much more enjoyable. After you walk through the first part of the store it opens to a big industrial barn feeling space, that was my favorite part. The high ceilings and exposed trusses made my designer heart happy.

    We made our way out side to the lawn and swings. Ok, let’s talk for a second about the music, it was my favorite part. It was so perfect and brought feelings and emotions to the surface that would have been hard to do any other way. The whole outdoor space was curated perfectly. It made you want to stay a while. It welcomed you and made you feel like you were home or at least somewhere safe and protected from the world. It was a place you could feel the spirit and find peace. I would by this CD right this second if I could (I told Joanna to make a CD when I met her. Later guys later). We are at the food trucks three different times because they were that good. My personal fave was the grilled cheese truck but we also loves the brick oven pizza truck and Milos truck had the most amazing fries ever! TIP: at the grilled cheese truck order the WACOAN and tomato soup and thank me later. We would eat under the black and white awnings or in the big barn patio and listen to the music and talk. It was a place we felt inspired and peaceful.

    Now let’s talk about where we stayed!!! This might be what made the whole trip even better. It was our first time using Airbnb and we were nervous but when you travel with out kids who cares where you sleep as long as you SLEEP! As we drove to our Airbnb we drove passed some beautiful farms and farm houses. We found our Airbnb and I could have cried I was so happy. It was a teeny little one bedroom home on the Brazos river. The yard was green and the tree out front was huge and majestic. Our backyard had a grill, a fire pit and a gorgeous view of the river! There were tin ceilings and sliding barn doors. A kitchen and tons of natural light inside. I highly recommend trying stay here when you come to Waco. It was also only a 5 min drive to the silos and did I mention it was only $125 per night??? Ok stay there and thank me later.

    While we were in Waco we went back to the silos about four or five times but my other fave thing to do was drive the neighborhoods. Ugh I loved driving through all the neighborhoods and imagining which house we would by if we lived there! I am so lucky I married Ty, because he loves driving and looking at houses as much as I do! Match made in heaven. You have to drive through Woodway and through all of Waco too!

    Ok enough of this, let’s talk about how I met JoJo!!!!!!

    Alright so this story is trickier then it might seem because my mild stalking and extreme luck got me in a little bit of trouble from the P.R. People at Magnolia…yeah. So if you saw my insta stories while I was there then you know the whole “real” story but to respect Magnolia and queen JoJo I will start here…We were driving down the freeway when I recognized JoJo in the car in front of us! I yelled at Ty to “FOLLOW HER!!!” I was freaking out and sweating that THE Joanna Gaines was driving just 100ft in front of me! Then fate was on my side and the light turned red and she stopped the car. I yelled to Ty to pull up next to her as a frantically waved at her through the window, but alas she did not see me. So the light turned green and we kept following her! We followed her for a few more miles until she turned in to some office buildings and I jumped out of the car after it was parked. It was a little premature because she hadn’t even gotten out of her car yet and I had no idea how I was going to approach my actual living hero! I was so embarrassed as I walked in front of her car a few times to try and get her attention naturally. She never looked up! I decided it was a loss and told Ty to get back in the car I am not tapping on her window and humiliating myself. To which he yelled at me “we did not come this close to Joanna Gaines for you to chicken out now!” Then my bearded sketchy looking husband walked up to her window and I followed behind him so as to convince Joanna he wasn’t a mugger and he knocked on her door! Then I started saying,” we’re not crazy we are not crazy” over and over again and she rolled down the window and smiled the calmest sweetest smile. She talk to us for a few minutes to the window and then I told her I had to have a picture with her to prove to people that I met her. She looked at my Instagram and was so kind to listen to us rant about how it was our 10 year wedding anniversary and this is all we wanted to do was come to the silos! She got out of the car and we took a picture. The picture that I will blow up and frame in my house. I was so happy and so excited. She was as gracious and kind as I could have expected. She told us that Chip was filming a demo day and she had come in late to work. What a twist of fate! I honestly feel like part of it was destined to be. I feel so lucky I got to meet her even if it was in such a weird way! This was the best day ever. I cried I was so happy and my husband kept saying, “I have never seen you geek out like this.” I know we all love Joanna and I was trying to think about why I just LOVE HER. I think it has something to do with the fact that she is relatable to me on every level. Meaning, as a mom, a wife and an interior designer. She inspires me to want to be better and do more. She is a mom of four kids and yet still makes time to follow her dreams. She is a kind and patient wife and obviously a visionary and trendsetting designer. I can’t finish an episode of fixer upper with out feeling completely motivated and inspired by her life and career. So I fan girl pretty hard for the one and only. Haha

    The next day before we left town we hit up The Findery, which was equally as amazing as Magnolia! I found about 10 big pieces I wish I could have shipped over. Make sure you go to Harp Design co. Of course and then email us to order a table when you get home;). So many fun things to do and see.

    Our last day was spent in Fort Worth hitting up old home supply co and visiting friends in the city. It was the perfect getaway and in my honest opinion I could have stayed in Waco the whole time. I could have swung and read books on the grass but I am also glad we made time for friends and other shops along the way. PLEASE tag me @finderskeepersdesigns in all you fun Waco pics so I can live vicariously through y’all!

    Safe Travels!


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    American Furniture Warehouse

    Before we made the move back to Mesa last year, we had lived in gilbert for the last 8 years and it was my favorite. I loved the open space and farm land. There were silos, and old beautifully weathered farm houses. However time passed and these pieces of land and old homes were torn down and replaced with new buildings. One of my favorite little farm houses sold off and I watched it get torn down as I drove passed it everyday. In its place they started building this big, I mean, HUGE warehouse and I vowed whatever this building was, I was NEVER going into it! Ha I watched it finish being built and realized it was a furniture store. Crap. I love furniture…”No, no Jade you are not going in there. Remember the farm house.” Ok I am never going in there. Time passed and adds were posted on their giant Jumbotron and each time we passed my oldest begged me from the back seat to “PLEASE TAKE HER IN THERE!” One night I gave in. I had been dying to go inside so I blamed it on my six year old and caved. When I walked in I was skeptical at first but quickly realized just how addicted to this place I was going to be. The place was huge and had really beautiful pieces. They had a giant stuffed animal tiger for my daughter to sit on, and massage chairs for my husband and I to try out.
    Then I started looking at their prices and realized how many great deals there were. I was hooked. I bought my metal farm house kitchen chairs from them (link here) and never looked back! Haha since then I have gone back literally countless times and purchased everything from a new TV to my fave faux fur stools.
    I love their customer service and I love their stuff! They always let my kids take home a little stuffed animal of their choosing and we always leave feeling great.
    If you have followed me for a while you may have noticed that some of my fave pieces in my home are from their store. Including my master bedroom nightstands, my bench and my daughters chair in her room.
    I take all my clients their first to see what kind of deals we can find. These oversized accent chairs were perfect in my clients home and I could not love their modern design more if I tried!
    Do yourself a favor and check them out! I mean have I ever led you astray? Happy shopping and make sure to sit in the massage chair for at least a min!

    Interior Design

    Our Kitchen Remodel

    When we bought this little FIXER upper of ours, I was super happy that is at least had a white kitchen. Well, actually it was a very stained yellow/white, but close enough so that refinishing it wouldn’t be too much work! It did however have dropped ceilings ,a “wal mart light”, (as I call it) and PINK counter tops! 🙈 We spent most of our budget opening up the house and giving it new flooring through out, so I needed to come up with a design plan on a small budget. Months before we moved my mother in law was changing out her kitchen knobs and I called dibs on her amazing drawer pulls! They had that perfect “farm house” look I was going for and they were FREE!


    I started by using the rest of my bbfrosch powder mixed with my fave ultra pure white from behr and loaded it in my home right sprayer. Now I usually am not a fan of just brushing/rolling paint on but since I was hoping to paint the inside of the cabinets as well I opted to invest in a sprayer. This sprayer worked well enough but they still drive me a little crazy in general because you have to stop and unclog the little tip part too often for my liking. Anyway it was what I needed for this project and did a great job.


    Then it was time for back splash. I had the idea of shiplap because it is inexpensive and I LOVED the way it looked in my entry way. I decided to make it skinnier so that you could see more of it. Then I knew I would want some sort of pattern on the part of the shiplap underneath my cabinet above my countertops. I loved the stencil on my bathroom floor so much, I decided to do something in that same family. I used the smaller stencil in a dark gray on top of the white painted shiplap, then I distressed it so that you could tell it was wood, and so some of that warm natural wood tone wood come through and match the natural wood above the cabinets.



    The warm natural tone of the wood also brought my floating shelves to life and helped move the natural wood tones around the kitchen. It brought all of my favorite things all together!


    The last step was what to do with the horrible pink countertops. We had bought hardwood to do hardwood countertops but now that I had the wood of the shiplap I didn’t think that was a good idea. We contemplated concrete but haven’t worked with that before and heard mixed reviews, so basically I was confused. I decided I would just paint them with Rustoleum countertop paint in silver to buy myself some time until I can come up with the permanent solution I want. I need a new sink, and faucet, and countertops so figured I would wait until I can afford to do all those at the same time! I love how they turned out. They have held up very well, other than my daughter using a knife to cut an apple directly on them. I have been very pleased but also you should note that I am not a very picky person at all. They are not a perfect solution, but I think they are a great temporary solution.


    A few months later i finally talked my husband into building us an island for our kiddos to sit at and it finished off our kitchen perfectly.




    I can’t believe what a drastic difference some of these inexpensive changes made! It feels like a whole new kitchen and I honestly get butterflies cooking dinner for my family in it. Hope you feel brave enough to try some of these tricks and quick fixes and your home and let me know how you like them!!!

    Shelves: $20 2×8 home depot
    shelf brackets: $2 closet brackets home depot
    shiplap: one sheet of plywood that we ripped down into 3″ strips $25 home depot
    counter tops: rustoleum counter top paint “gray mist” $20 per quart. used one
    cart: $30 home depot
    Hardware: free from in laws!
    Bar stools:American Furniture warehouse> $28 each
    Island: custom built by us email for quote

    Interior Design

    10 Steps for designing the perfect table scape

    1. Consider a Color Scheme
    -you can use classic fall colors
    -keep it neutral and more organic


    2. Use Local Materials
    -trim branches from your front yard, neighbors, or family members
    -make sure to buy you pumpkins early if you want fake ones because they sell out at Michaels early.
    -use things from around your home to personalize your table scape ie: old books or candle holders.



    3. Mix Styles and Patterns
    -mix textures and patterns to keep your table visually interesting


    4. Try One Stand Out Piece
    -something larger and eye catching in the middle of the table and let it waterfall out from the center.


    5. Less is more…More is more!
    -Sometimes it’s all about the initial wow factor and you can edit and take away things when it is time to actually eat ALL THE FOOD
    -Snap a pic of it first when its perfect and then less is more to actually eat


    6. Throw an Unexpected Twist
    -use something creative and interesting that your guests wouldn’t expect ie: mini pumpkins with names stamped on them for place holders or old books to place silverware on!


    7. OR Stick to a Theme
    -arrange a collection of like items together for maximum impact!
    -there is power in arranging a group of all alike things in a cluster to draw attention and make a visual impact!


    8. Keep it Functional
    -always have premeditated plans on how to interchange some décor for food ie: remove main centerpiece for turkey or fill in gaps with side dishes.


    9. Mix Materials
    -keep it visually interesting by adding an eclectic feel through pattern and texture mixing.


    10. Remember the Room
    -this is my interior designer tip: add pillows to your head chairs or benches.
    -make sure décor on your buffets or walls coordinate with your table scape
    -if your aren’t cooking all the food (I never do that) make sure fall candles are lit
    and holiday music is playing.

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